Marine Protected Areas of the US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas East End Reserve


Located on the southeast end of St. Thomas, this reserve is home to significant coastal, marine, and fisheries resources including mangrove forests, salt ponds, seagrass beds, lagoons, coral reefs and cays.

Virgin Islands National Park

STJ park LisaTerry

Covering both ridgetops and reefs in St. John, the Virgin Islands National Park provides protection and preservation for birds, fish, corals and other marine life as well as 800 species of plants.


VI Coral Reef National Monument

VICR roots and angel fish Caroline Rogers

Spanning twenty square miles of waters around St. John, the Coral Reef National Monument protects a large system of coral reefs as well as mangrove forests and seagrass beds.

Salt River Bay National Park

In addition to the mangroves, estuaries, coral reefs and a submarine canyon, Salt River also hosts prehistoric and colonial era archaeological sites and ruins.

Buck Island Reef National Monument

buck and renegade Lisa Terry

First protected by Presidential proclamation in 1961, Buck Island and the surrounding reefs support a variety of native flora and fauna, nature trails above and below water, and white sand beaches.

East End Marine Park

jacks bay and buck EEMP Aaron Hutchins

The first and largest territorial marine park, the St. Croix East End Marine Park protects 17 miles of coastline and the largest island barrier reef system in the Caribbean.

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