St. Croix East End Marine Park

Mission Statement

The St. Croix East End Marine Park was established for the purpose of managing the resources within the boundaries of the park.  These natural and cultural resources provide environmental, economic and social benefits to residents and visitors.  Increased demand for recreational, educational and commercial uses require the resources be managed in a manner that guarantees the benefits are available for present and future generations.


Established: 2003
Lead Agency: VI Department of Planning and Natural Resources- Coastal Zone Management
Location: St. Croix, USVI
Joined National MPA System: 2010
Size: 58 square miles
Visitors Per Year: ~2000


Multiple Use MPA

OPEN ZONE/PARK-WIDE – Taking or injuring coral, altering the seabed, discharging materials, groundings, anchoring on hard bottom or coral communities, and diving without dive flag are prohibited.

RECREATIONAL ZONE – Allows snorkeling, diving, boating, and recreational shoreline fishing. Catch-and release guide fishing and cast-net bait fishing are allowed with a Marine Park Permit. All other traditional fishing is prohibited (including but not limited to: fish traps; spear fishing; collection of lobster, conch, whelk).

WILDLIFE PRESERVE ZONE – Protects important areas for nesting female sea turtles on the beaches of East End, Jack, Isaac and Boiler Bays. Sea turtles are nationally protected from capture and harassment.

NO TAKE ZONE – Protects near shore environments including mangroves, sea grass beds, lagoonal patch reefs, and linear reefs. All fishing and extraction is prohibited. Operating a Personal Watercraft (jet-ski) is prohibited.


Special Features

  • Major programs include outreach programs (classroom, bayside tours, EcoVan, community events) and biological monitoring programs (benthic communities, lobster, Acropora corals).
  • STXEEMP is the first territorial MPA in the USVI.
  • Friends of the St. Croix East End Marine Park support the programs and mission of the St. Croix East End Marine Park (STXEEMP).

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St. Croix East End Marine Park
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