Post Hurricane Update

Post Hurricane Update

Hi BleachWatch Volunteers and divers,

As we start to return to normalcy and more folks are getting internet, we are looking for any post-hurricane observations you have about your areas, or reef sites you have been to post hurricane.  Have you been diving around St. Thomas, St. Croix or St. John? If so did you see any significant damage or changes to the reef? Were there large piles of sand where there wasn’t before? Corals covered in sand? Missing corals?  Dead corals? Large areas of broken corals? Debris underwater that you don’t remember seeing before the storm? Anything else you think might be hurricane related? Feel free to submit observations via email ( or using the BleachWatch quick report on or using the app BleachWatch VI. Photos appreciated and of course location and as much description as possible. Big thank you to Barb in St. John who already submitted some great pictures of corals in her area (even if the corals weren’t super happy)!

Thank you all for any observations you can contribute and of course feel free to share this request with other divers and snorkelers,


BleachWatch VI
Thank you for helping us monitor bleaching in the USVI!